Submit to record labels and vendors

On Daily basis we receive numerous requests from newly established record labels and old ones in and out of the country searching for hot talents to sign and invest in, With this service we will get you connected to these labels and solict a good record deal for you. Just name that label, we will get you there provided you have got the talent! With this service your tracks, biography, photos and contact details will be used to create a media kit for you then your media kit will be single-handedly submitted to all the registered labels we know for them to review your kit. If any is impressed with your kit they will contact us and then we will invite you and Schedule an interview with them. Please note that we charge a 10% agent fee from your sign-on contract fee i.e If your contract fee is ₦10,000,000, ₦1,000,000 will be the agent fee

Submit to record labels and vendors

  • We get you connected to top record labels
  • We get you connected to new labels that needs talented artistes
  • Just mention the label we will get you there

  • Setup fee - ₦50,000

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    You will have to take our eligibility test before we can take you in for the service, You will ONLY pay if you meet our minimum requirement after we review your application.

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